The nslxIPA keyboard for Mac

Version 1.0 is now available!

nslxIPA.keylayout the nslxIPA keyboard layout file, v1.1 2022/01/30
nslxIPAg.keylayout the nslxIPAg keyboard layout file, v1.1 2022/01/30
nslxIPA-doc.pdf documentation (updated 2023/09/20)
distributed under the GNU
General Public License v.3

The nslxIPA keyboard is designed for relatively easy and intuitive Unicode input of characters from the International Phonetic Alphabet directly from the keyboard, without having to use opaque codes or other windows to access the characters. Note that the nslxIPA keyboard is a Mac-specific keyboard layout; there may be ways of converting it for use on other systems, but it may not work as intended, if it even works at all.

The companion nslxIPAg keyboard is identical to the nslxIPA keyboard, except it has the keystroke assignments for <g> and <ɡ> reversed, so that the g keystroke on the nslxIPAg keyboard produces the ordinary non-IPA <g>, while the shift+option+8 keystroke produces true IPA <ɡ>.

The current version of the nslxIPA and nslxIPAg keyboards is 1.1 (correcting a minor issue with the no release diacritic [ΛΊ]).

I am open to suggestions from users who might find the keyboard easier to use with some minor modification, so if you have such suggestions, please let me know.

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