The OTtablx package for LaTeX

Version 0.4 is now available!

OTtablx.sty the OTtablx package, v0.4 2014/07/27
OTtablx-doc.pdf documentation
distributed under the GNU
General Public License v.3

The OTtablx package is designed to give linguists the ability to create and customize Optimality Theoretic tableaux in LaTeX.

OTtablx only generates the basic layout and formatting of OT tableaux; it does not do any sort of automated computation of constraint violations, fatal violations, or winning candidates. While OTtablx was designed primarily with OT phonology in mind, it should be suitable for other uses of OT, such as in syntax.

The current version of OTtablx is 0.4, a beta version designed primarily for testing purposes. Feel free to use the package for your own serious work, but do not expect current functionality to extend into later versions, since commands, options, and default settings may be renamed, revised, or eliminated entirely.

If you find a bug, want to request a new feature, or even have advice on improving the underlying programming of the package, please let me know. I make no guarantees that OTtablx will ever be designed to do exactly what you want or that it will even work for you at all, but I will do my best to make the package functional and useful for as many users as possible, given my own constraints on time and ability.

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